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The location of our resort SUMMER TIME has a rich history as scout camps have been held there since the beginning of the 20th century. The camps and courses of our SUMMER TIME CAMPS renewed this tradition in 1994, even though our program, taking the demands of a modern society into consideration, has moved towards language education. The uniqueness of this area, between the towns of Tábor and Bechyně, creates an ideal place for holding our programs, and ENGLISH 4 YOU has been using this location already for 23 years.


The environment surrounding resort SUMMER TIME, where the ENGLISH 4 YOU courses are held, will surprise you with its picturesque beauty. Not all camps can boast the fact that they lie in the heart of a South Bohemian forest near a calm and romantic river like the Lužnice. The resort lies on a beautiful meadow, in a private location, in the middle of the forest. Here, not far from the village of Stádlec, a famous chain bridge is located, and we frequently use its surroundings for swimming – of course, only when the weather cooperates! Safety is always paramount – in the water, while boating, during games in the forest and of course at the lessons.


For language courses and camps we primarily use two of our own resorts, which lie next to each other and together form the SUMMER TIME CAMPS complex. ENGLISH 4 YOU is traditionally held at SUMMER TIME resort. If you want to see exactly where the resort is located, you can search this SUMMER TIME map. The exceptional location of the camp ensures uninterrupted peace. Special grounds for football and volleyball are also great for playing a variety of games and competitions. Sports facilities also include rowboats and life jackets, table tennis tables and paddles, petanque, badminton, softball, cricket and other games. When we face bad weather we have comfortable clubrooms and dining rooms. In the SUMMER TIME resort, accommodation is provided in cabins that consist of two rooms with four or six beds, a hall and a terrace. Our modern sanitary facilities are equipped with hot showers, washrooms and toilets. Our cooks are professionals in catering for children and they prepare a varied menu for our students: two hot meals a day, breakfast, snacks, fruit, vegetables and drinks. Only terms held at MONÍNEC resort are suitable for vegetarians or special diets.


Among the traditional free time activities enjoyed in the SUMMER TIME resort are volleyball,football and ping-pong, but children can also play frisbee, cricket, softball or petanque. If the weather allows, we can use the nearby river for swimming and boating. We usually boat to the Empire chain bridge, which is a European rarity and a national technical monument. Pleasant walks along the slowly flowing Lužnice river, which was listed as a European significant locality in 2012 and subsequently a natural monument, enable us to admire the natural beauty of our valley. You may be surprised that many protected animals, like rare river clams can be found here. The exceptional location of our resort guarantees a peaceful and quiet place. The meadows and forests that surround the area are an ideal place for various games.


This season, four terms will be held at the SUMMER TIME resort. For more information about the resort, you can also visit SUMMER TIME website – summertimecamp.eu. The ENGLISH 4 YOU course in the SUMMER TIME is suitable for children between the ages of 7 and 17; the program is adapted for different age categories and skill levels from basic to advanced students.

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Terms Dates Locations Price
T1 21 July - 28 July 2024 Resort SUMMER TIME EUR 300
T2 28 July - 4 August 2024 Resort SUMMER TIME EUR 300
T3 4 August - 11 August 2024 Resort SUMMER TIME EUR 300
T4 11 August - 18 August 2024 Resort SUMMER TIME EUR 300


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This year, for the thirteenth time, ENGLISH 4 YOU will take place in a hotel environment. This time again, at Leisure Resort MONÍNEC, where the magic of the unique environment goes hand in hand with luxurious accommodation and beautiful nature. Our program ENGLISH 4 YOU at MONÍNEC as a premium program further widens our range of choices for children. The idea of the course stays the same, but the place is different. The modern sports areal stands out because of its location and professional services. It is located on Maple Rock approximately 80 km south of Prague on the border of central and southern Bohemia near the town of Sedlec-Prčice. The picturesque area around the resort carries a name from the 19th century, Czech Meran, as it is strikingly similar to the landscape around the Italian town of Merano. The exact location of the complex can be found here: MONÍNEC map.

Two-week stay


The modern Leisure Resort MONÍNEC – moninec.cz/en offers everything necessary for the ENGLISH 4 YOU program: including comfort and luxury especially regarding accommodation in cosy apartments with living rooms and bedrooms with private bathrooms, Wi-Fi internet access, enough classrooms for lessons, a beautiful outdoor area with a tennis court, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a natural lake with a beach, a trampoline, ping-pong, outdoor seating areas and many more attractions. The apartment bedrooms sleep two to four people. The cosy alpine style restaurant, partly reserved only for us, is vegetarian friendly and prepares a varied menu: two hot meals per day, breakfast, snacks, fruit, vegetables and drinks. Photos from the previous year of the course can be found in the 2023 gallery.


Hot summer days will be made more pleasant by swimming in the natural Pilský Lake, which is only a three minute walk from our accommodation. The lake area also offers such facilities as volleyball courts, a kiosk with refreshments, a sunbathing lawn and a jetty. The vast forests which surround us again provide many opportunities for different games. The highest point in the area is Maple Rock, which is almost 723 m above sea level, it is also the highest peak of the Central Bohemian Uplands. Whoever wants can also visit the local tree top adventure park and obstacle course. Other attractions in the area include tubing, discgolf, offroad scooters, grass skiing, mountainboarding and archery. We can enrich the afternoon through nature trails where we will come across colonies of bees and ants or we will let ourselves be enchanted by the view of Jetřichovice castle with its significant octagonal tower.


The English course ENGLISH 4 YOU at MONÍNEC is suitable for children between the ages of 12 to 17. At this age we expect a higher level of English, and the content of the course is adapted accordingly so that we can focus our attention on providing an intensive individual approach. The children are divided into groups based primarily on their level of English, while their age is also taken into consideration to keep them in the same group as their peers. Each group has an English teacher – a native speaker – and also a Czech assistant. The age structure and the location of the course contribute to the high level of education and accommodation. The language course at Leisure Resort MONÍNEC is suitable even for the most demanding clients. ENGLISH 4 YOU at MONÍNEC will be held over two one-week terms this year.

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Terms Dates Locations Price
M1 30 June - 7 July 2024 Apartments MONÍNEC EUR 490
M2 7 July - 14 July 2024 Apartments MONÍNEC EUR 490

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