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It is quite common that children go abroad in order to study English. This applies especially to older students, mainly university students, whereas elementary and secondary school students may have trouble dealing with stays where somebody is not taking care of them all day long. An important advantage of learning English abroad is the constant contact with a foreign environment, an advantage that is also offered by our ENGLISH 4 YOU course. Our camps achieve this trough the constant and extensive contact of the students with native speakers. Not only during the lessons themselves, but also throughout the whole program, for example during sports, a walk in the forest or while boating, our participants are always in contact with native speakers who communicate with them in English. This playful approach motivates children better than the school classroom environment. Most of the children develop a positive relationship with English, as the calm and less strict methods employed by our teachers can capture the attention even of those students who have problems in the school environment.


The main organisers have been working with children since their student years. In the nineties, according to new legislation, the Association of Entrepreneurs was founded for annual summer camps in Stádlec. In the year 2000 the Czech law regulating travel changed, and as a result the association was transformed into a regular travel agency. SYKA AGENCY a.s., travel agency is insured by ČPP, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group. Perhaps you have heard or read about our successful camps. We have been organising the camp SUMMER TIME – summertimecamp.eu for the past 30 years. This is a camp with an English focus, adventure activities and sports. A few years later, now already twenty two years ago, we set up a new camp, ENGLISH 4 YOU, with intensive English lessons.

The increasing popularity for high quality communication in foreign languages has led to the further expansion of our programs, so we have prepared an international camp, EUROCAMP – euro-camp.eu, which is a combination of the two previous programs; this year will mark its 19th season. The main people behind the ENGLISH 4 YOU program are true specialists:

Ing. Josef Syka is the founder of the camps SUMMER TIME, ENGLISH 4 YOU and EUROCAMP (see syka.cz). He is the owner of both camps where events take place. Until 2005 he was also the main leader for ENGLISH 4 YOU. He is focused on constantly improving and offering new ideas, as well as the camps’ promotion. He is always trying to come up with something new, something progressive. Nowadays he is more focused on programs that unify children from different countries. Thanks to the growing offers of different language camps and courses, the central aim of his work has developed – to help children prepare for a modern Europe through fun and play. Currently, he is Member of the Board of Directors of the SYKA AGENCY a.s., travel agency. 30 years of experience of organizing English camps is a guarantee of his professionalism and enthusiasm.
RNDr. Veronika Kopřivová is a teacher of English and Geography at a secondary school in Prague. During her professional career, she also worked for many years as an English lecturer at a language school. In addition to teaching, she organizes student exchanges, prepares students to participate in international events and acts as a coordinator for Erasmus+ projects. She is constantly striving to improve her knowledge of English and she studied in Great Britain for several months. More than 15 years Veronika has devoted her time to working with children, either as an au-pair, a group leader on trips abroad and on ENGLISH 4 YOU camp, as the deputy of the main leader at SUMMER TIME or eight times as the main leader at EUROCAMP. Her organisational skills, promptness and ability to solve unexpected situations are big advantages and that is why she is the Human Resources Coordinator of our camps.
Karolína Martincová was born in Prague but she has spent most of her childhood abroad, first in Luxembourg and later in Belgium. Thanks to her multilingual family, she learned to communicate in English and French at a very early age. After high school, she studied psychology and education at the University of Liège in Belgium. However, after becoming homesick she returned to Prague after many years. Now she studies at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University focusing on English and French. Karolína also teaches flute at the French Lyceum in Prague. She has been attending our camps since she was a child. Later she worked as an assistant, a team leader and the main leader of EUROCAMP. Now she is a Native Speaker Coordinator for camps EUROCAMP, ENGLISH 4 YOU and SUMMER TIME. Besides foreign languages, her interests include music, art and working with children.
Pavel Jahelka is an experienced camp leader who has shown a lot of ability and an open-minded approach to children over many previous years. Since 2004 he has occupied various important positions at SUMMER TIME CAMPS. From 2006 he has proven his abilities as the main leader for the English courses ENGLISH 4 YOU and he was also helping with the realisation of English camps SUMMER TIME and EUROCAMP. At SYKA AGENCY a.s. he is now standing as the External Advisor and he helps significantly in the realization of our summer English camps. At the same time, however, he also provides considerable support and assistance with the organisation of language courses, which take place in apartments in Monínec. Pavel’s strength is his friendly character and kindly approach to the kids that makes him a camp favourite.


The entire morning is dedicated to the basic part of the learning cycle. The children, together with the teachers, warm up, they become familiar with new vocabulary and, in the form of active conversation, they work on different topics. We respect the fact that in the morning children are more receptive and they easily accept new issues. Three lessons are divided by a short break for a snack. After a delicious lunch there is an afternoon rest, which they can spend with their friends watching films in English or relax. In the afternoon we use the sports facilities of our resorts or we get to know the surrounding areas, which are full of natural beauty and picturesque monuments.
This program is followed by two hours of afternoon lessons in which the children utilise the knowledge they acquired in the morning. They develop it further in the form of games and discussions with the teachers. The level of conversation, of course, depends on their age and the children’s knowledge of the topics that are planned. The final part of the afternoon learning block is dedicated to the preparation of the final day’s performance. A popular disco, the singing of English songs by the fire or watching movies in the original language follows dinner. Those who are interested and not afraid can look forward to one of the late evenings, when we can meet English-speaking ghosts during a night game. The climax of the whole course is the final afternoon when everybody shows what he or she has learned during the week. Our feelings are quite ambivalent because on one hand, we have enjoyed a fun and educational program, while on the other hand everybody feels sad to say goodbye. A big evening feast follows the performances. If the weather is on our side, we can dance in the meadow and enjoy watermelons under the open sky while watching the stars overhead.


It would be a pity not to use the opportunities that are offered by the beauty of South Bohemia, which is why one afternoon is dedicated to a theme trip. During this trip, English is still at the centre of our attention. Through games and interesting English guiding, the children become familiar with local sights. It goes without saying that English games contribute to the deepening of language skills without the children noticing. In previous years we visited the spa town of Bechyně, we searched the historical centre of the town Tábor, we sailed on rafts to the romantic ruins of the gothic castle in Dobronice, we floated on a steamboat on the river Vltava from the Orlík chateau – zamekorlik.cz to Zvíkov castle and also from the town Týn nad Vltavou to Podolsko, where the Stádlec chain bridge originally stood (before the Orlík dam was filled, it was decided to move it to the place of the former ford between Stádlec and Dobřejice, next to our camps). We have already roamed through the beautiful Lužnice river valley in order to reach a monumental hill to launch dozens of balloons with English messages for our new friends. We transformed into merchants, craftsmen and knights and enjoyed the medieval atmosphere in the area of Housův Mlýn – housuvmlyn.cz. We also visited the royal town of Písek, and with the sound of turbines ringing in our ears we admired the oldest water power plant in Bohemia and had a great picnic on a nearby island. We enjoyed watching meerkats play in the zoo, which we had already seen from the beautiful view from the tower of chateau Hluboká nad Vltavou – zamek-hluboka.cz, or we have taken many a romantic selfie beside the water castle Červená Lhota – zamek-cervenalhota.cz and learnt why its original white colour changed to red.


If you are wondering whether it would be possible for your children to attend two consecutive week camps, that’s nothing unusual. Terms T1–T4 may be joined for a 2-week stay, similarly with term M1 and M2. Terms T1–T4 will be held at the SUMMER TIME resort and terms M1–M2 will be held at Leisure Resort MONÍNEC. It is also possible to attend multiple courses that are not held consecutively, but in this case you have to apply for each camp separately. In the case of a two-week stay, different teachers teach the children during each week. The lessons are not the same and the children will learn different things. On the day of the changeover there is a special program prepared for these children, which, of course, includes meals. The two-week format can be chosen when applying, and there is a EUR 40 discount from the total price.

Daily program
8.00 wake-up time
8.30 – 9.00 breakfast
9.30 – 12.15 morning program (including snack)
12.30 lunch
13.00 – 14.30 rest (either watching video or having a rest at the cottage)
14.30 snack
15.00 – 17.00 other activities (sport activities and games, competitions, etc.)
17.00 – 18.30 afternoon program (including preparation for final evening)
18.30 dinner
19.30 – 21.30 evening program (video, disco, campfire)
21.30 – 22.00 evening hygiene
22.00 sleep time
22.15 staff meeting


One of our main priorities is the safety of all the participants in the ENGLISH 4 YOU camp. The basic prerequisites for achieving this goal are the presence of certified, quality educational personnel and our compliance with all safety regulations. Special care is taken during boating, swimming and other demanding sports. Children are never left unattended. If necessary, a trained nurse is always available, for example to oversee any participants who are taking regular medication. From our references (mostly in Czech) it is clear that we are regularly inspected by the hygiene department, whose inspectors strictly evaluate whether the quality of our prepared meals and drinks meet the prescribed standards, whether the educational and kitchen staff consists of people with the required qualifications and whether the hygienic conditions of the accommodation and sanitary facilities meet the prescribed level. Our cooperation with Leisure Resort MONÍNEC is based on continuous careful verification of their services.

Sometimes we must be strict enough to avoid dangerous or negative features of today’s society such as unmotivated violence or trouble-making. Nobody should be surprised that regular breaking of the rules or even laws cannot be tolerated. We try to lead the children towards mutual tolerance and to accept responsibility for their own behaviour. The safe location of both resorts and apartments MONÍNEC protects us from unpleasant natural disasters. A pleasant environment and nice relationships between people are the basis for the harmonious atmosphere that we have been building, together with the children, for many years. Our 30 years of experience helps us to predict and avoid problems.


If you prefer taking your children to the camp resorts or to the hotel yourself, there are maps included in the information you will receive once you have been accepted. We also have comfortable buses reserved for transportation to our camp and back, provided by the reliable company autobusy-dvorak.cz. This company provides services using only modern Mercedes and VDL buses that meet the highest demands for quality, comfort and convenient transport. Bus transport is not included in the price of the camp and the return journey is charged at a single amount of EUR 25 for the round trip. Departure and arrival is from Prague.


For those who plan to travel to the Czech Republic from abroad, we offer the possibility of a pick up at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague or at the main train or bus station in Prague. Our representative will pick up the participant at a specified time of arrival and transport them either to our bus departure point in Prague, or directly to the camp resort or to Leisure Resort MONÍNEC. Likewise, the return trip from the camp back to the airport, train or bus station on the final day of the camp. This service is optional and is charged separately. Please note, participants who require pick up from/to Prague, this is only possible on the start/end day of the camp term attended. In the event that our representative will pick up and take the participant only to and from our bus pick up point in Prague a one off fee of EUR 100 for the round trip will be charged. In the event of an individual transfer to the camp and back a one off fee of EUR 225 will be charged. Please contact us for further info and details.


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