Form to request an application form

for ENGLISH 4 YOU 2019

Please fill in the requested data about yourself and we will immediately send you an application form (English version) for the children’s camp ENGLISH 4 YOU 2019. Don’t forget to include your complete address together with your country of origin. Choose which term of the camp you are requesting. You may order more than one application form - for example, for siblings or friends of you or your child. We can send you an application form by post or by email; choose your method of delivery. If you wish to receive the form by email, please ensure that you will be able to print it. In case you would like to give us more specific information, please use the column "Additional message". Finally, be sure that you submit the form. The successful receipt of your request is indicated on the final page, right after you submit and validate the form. Your email will be used for confirmation of your request. Term A1 will be held in the EUROCAMP resort, terms B1-B6 will be held in the SUMMER TIME resort and terms M1-M3 will be held at the Leisure Resort MONÍNEC. The SUMMER TIME and EUROCAMP resorts lie next to each other, while resort MONÍNEC is about 20km away. Terms B1-B6 can be joined into a 2-week stay, similarly terms M1-M3. More information about this possibility, which is often requested, can be found in the paragraph TWO-WEEK STAYS and also on the application.

We kindly ask our returning campers not to request an application form on this page as you will receive one automatically by e-mail or post during February 2019! We look forward to seeing you in the summer!


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